Jamer Bellis, Simon English, Oliver English

Jamer Bellis, Simon English, Oliver English

In November of 2016, we started development on the documentary film, Feeding Tomorrow, with the goal of creating a more just and sustainable food system.

We interviewed organizations that are making positive changes in the world and are working night and day to achieve their goal.  

After seeing our video content, the crusaders that we interviewed let us know that they had no way to get their story out to the world.  While they are great at what they do, they do not have the experience or equipment to tell their story.  They asked if they could hire us.

Common Table Creative was born - we showcase the work of the good guys that make the world a better place.


Our Team

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Oliver English

is a producer, speaker, food activist, and former restaurant developer. Growing up in his family restaurants, he has been intimately involved in the world of food ever since. For the past several years, he led the company’s international development, opening restaurants throughout North America, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. He has learned first-hand the positive and negative effects of globalization and climate change on the worlds food system, which have instilled a fierce desire to highlight these issues and inspire real change in the world through visual and experiential storytelling. Oliver is graduate of Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration and member of the American Council of young political leaders (ACYPL). Oliver serves as the Co-Founder & CEO of Common Table Creative, overseeing the companies vision, business development, hospitality, and communications.



Jamer Bellis

is a Plant Biologist, Story Teller, Poet and Technology Creator. He found a love for biological systems while studying Plant Genetics, Ecology and Organic Chemistry at Cornell University. After moving into Technology in New York City, he worked with engineers to scale teams at two companies with billion dollar evaluations: Zocdoc and Wework. Jamer is passionate about empowering individuals with tangible actions and specific choices that influence the Global Food System. Jamer serves as the COO at Common Table Creative, overseeing scientific inquiry, production process and technology.


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Simon English

is a film director, editor and cinematographer. Simon is passionate about telling stories that raise awareness that drive change to environmental and sustainability issues facing our our planet. Growing up his families restaurant business, Simon found an early passion for filming in kitchens, on farms, with chefs, and telling stories about the power of food. While living in NYC, Simon helped launch and served as the senior videographer for Broadway Style Guide and Today Tix. His reel includes Tony Award coverage, short narrative films, music videos, documentaries, commercials, event coverage. Simon is a graduate of the New York Film Academy. Simon serves as Co-founder and Creative Director, for Common Table Creative, overseeing all cinematography, editing, photography and production.